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Tutorial written by and © to Pemarosa Design 8th March 2009
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This tutorial is written from my own ideas and any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Supplies needed or what I have used.

Tube Here
Scrapkit GoodOrBad Here
My Template Here

Oke here we go :-))
Open your template in PSP. Window > Duplicate. Close the original. Delete the watermark layer

Open the tube or your own choice.

Highlight the lines layer, selections,select all,selections float.
Put your background colour at ##fa4b63 foreground at #000000 or your own choice.
With the fill tool fill it with the background colouror as I did with patern p12_bc_gob.png from the scrapkit scale I had on 40, selections select none.
Go to the square layer, selections select all then float and fill it with the foreground in my case black.
Now to the first circle, selection select all float and fill it with the background colour or your own choice
Do the same with the second circle layer I have it black.
Now go to your tube copy and go back to the image and paste it as a new layer, put it at the right place.
Add a new layer and add the alpha1_bc_gob.png rezise it to 60% and
Go to the tekst layer, selections select all float and fill the selection with the background colour.
Add some item from the scrapkit I did a buttun, copy and add as a new layer put it in a place you like.
Add a new layer and add tekst I did use rockwell extra bold size 18 and vector so i could change it to edgeways but your fee in that.
Then layers merge all flatten, rezise it to 80%, I saved it as a gif,
if you want that as well then must delete the background layer bevore merge and use merge visible
Add your watermark and we're done!
Hope you liked it.



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